Reverse tethering made easy.

Keep working from Android devices even when the Wi-fi is down or unstable.
Fast and secure: USB direct link, no root, no ADB.

Wired Connection Reliability

Are you dependent on Android tablets or phones for mission-critical business tasks?

Don't let your Wi-Fi infrastructure falter or become overloaded. With re-Link, our innovative software solution, you can effortlessly share your computer's reliable wired connection with one or multiple devices connected via USB, ensuring uninterrupted productivity for your business.

By leveraging re-Link, Android devices can harness the blazing-fast Ethernet connection of your PC or access exclusive network resources that are restricted only to the computer, eliminating the need for additional VPN licenses.

Uncompromising Security

Rest assured, re-Link prioritizes your data security without compromising convenience.

Unlike other solutions, our software does not require your device to be rooted or have Android Debug mode (ADB) enabled. This makes re-Link the ideal choice for any production environment, guaranteeing the utmost security for your sensitive information. With re-Link, you can confidently share your computer's network connection with your Android devices, knowing that all network traffic remains within your own infrastructure.

re-Link supports advanced network infrastructures, allowing you full control over DNS and proxy configurations. Customize your settings to seamlessly integrate with your existing network environment.

Seamless User Experience

re-Link ensures a user-friendly experience, simplifying your connectivity process from start to finish.

Getting started is a breeze. Activate the re-Link relay on your computer effortlessly, whether you prefer manual activation on demand or automatic launch when your PC starts up. Say goodbye to complex setup procedures.

Connecting your Android device to the PC via USB instantly grants network access without any hassle. The PC seamlessly detects the device, triggering the automatic launch of the re-Link app on your Android device. The app provides real-time updates on the connectivity state, keeping you informed at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do i need to install a driver?

Do I need Administrator rights on Windows?

Do I need to run re-Link as root on Linux?

My device is not being detected, what should I do?

re-Link is made by Curious Company

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